Love knows no boundaries

I’m in love with a Muslim girl. We are Brahmins and they are not accepting this relation. We can’t live without each other. What should be done?
Gautham S., New Delhi
Just do what you both want to do. Assuming you both are adults, I suggest, please have a very open conversation with both families. Give them some time to absorb the facts and see how it turns out to be. If the attitude doesn’t change, work out the logistics and head for the ultimate decision of togetherness. Just be sure that you both weigh the situation before any final plunge. Mentally prepare yourself for some rough times ahead. If love and understanding is true, nothing can stop both of you! Good luck!

I’ve just returned from Bangalore where I did my Engineering. After I returned, I feel very alone here.  I feel completely out of place.

Daya Ram, Patna
Probably the place you left has left a permanent impression on your mind. Or maybe, the independence of staying alone, the freedom of being your own guardian gave you peace. Try to engage yourself in some work that will occupy your mind. Take up a job you like doing and get busy with life. Check out for a couple of months and if you still feel uneasy, you can relocate back to Bangalore or any other place of your choice! One life, don’t compromise on small things. Cheer up!

My husband refuses to visit a doctor. We are married for 5 years and I’m unable to get pregnant. My reports look normal but he is always making an excuse for not seeking medical help. What should I do?
Name not given, Noida
Firstly, I request you to cool off and be confident on yourself. Try and talk it out with him with your best of ability. If need be, beg, cry, fight and drag him to your doctor. Explain him your growing concern and rope a family or friend into this who might have better control on him. In today’s time, everything is possible. Right medical direction, attention and patience will surely give the desired results. And if he is still adamant, just hug him one day and tell him you are pregnant!!! Let’s see, what happens next...he’s bound to do what needs to be done. All the best!
My mother in law is always comparing me with my married sister-in-law who lives in Canada. To her, I’m not fit for her family! I’m tired of arguments and tears. What can be done?

Rani, Noida
That’s truly annoying and irritating. For some reason, in-laws are sometimes insensitive. You have to fight this out in a sweet way. Don’t be rude but be firm in letting her know how irritated you feel about this whole comparison. If she still fails to rectify, use earphones/ earplugs and listen to music, go into any other room each time she’s getting messy. Or may be, you suggest her  a relocation to Canada where she will get her angel daughter in law!?! It’s difficult to change others so best is to change the way you handle and manage situations. Don’t lose your cool. I’m sure things will improve. All the best!

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