Love is in my DNA, says enigmatic actor Rekha

Her radiant beauty and graceful demeanour have for years made her fans wonder what she eats to look the way she does. It's love, says Rekha, who will be seen on the silver screen as Super Naani soon.

‘I consume love,’ the actress told veteran film critic Bhawana Somaaya in a radio interview to be broadcast on 92.7 FM on her birthday Friday.

‘I think this is because before my parents gave birth to me, they were completely in love. They consumed a lot of love. So that's what is in my DNA now and that is what I consume and feel.

‘And with each moment love generates, like when you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, for me when I just open my eyes, all I feel is love in my heart, my mind and my subconscious,’ said the evergreen and ageless diva. Rekha said that she believes love has a childlike innocence.
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