Looking chic and conservative

I am 5ft 8’ and thin. I like to wear fitted clothes. These days I feel something looks missing. Please advice.

You need to add a bit of fullness to your attire to solve this problem. Avoid vertical stripes and stick to horizontal stripes. Cowl neck or cowl sleeves and a scarf around the neck can also look good. These days a lot of draped pants in cotton and jersey are available you can stick to them as well for a fuller bottom.

I have a maxi skirt, which is double layered, slightly sheer, and ankle length. It looks nice, but I am confused about what to team with it. Please advice.

Winter is round the corner. You can team a t-shirt with this skirt and jazz it up with a quirky printed scarf. Also, long cardigan or jacket can help. For evenings, you can tuck in your shirt, team your skirt with a obi belt, a short biker jacket, and you are ready to rock.

Someone gifted me leather leggings for my birthday last year. Since then its lying in my wardrobe. I have no clue what to do with it.

We are here to put an end to your confusion. The leather leggings are a piece of garment which are only for the evenings. You can team them with kaftans, long shirts and a belt. If your dressing style is adventurous, you can also opt for vest and a cropped jacket. An edgy  metal necklace can complete this look. And  booties will work well with it.

I love the concept of LBD and Indian jewellery. Can you suggest a look with the same combination?

Goth inspired jewellery work well with LBD and other materials like, denims, laces etc. Crystal embellished floral necklace should work well for a night out. Since both Indian jewelry and the LBD are strong statements in themselves, you need to restrain from overdoing.

I am in my mid 30’s and working in a multinational firm. I have mostly been wearing Indian formal wear to office, but now I want to switch to Western formals. Please suggest.

A crisp cotton shirt is the most primary buy in this case. Depending on your comfort, and your office rules you need to invest in denims or trousers. A nice jacket for the coming winters can help. Also keep a scarf handy, in case if you have to move to any
function direct from office.

I am 23 and have just started working. Please tell me how to look chic in a dress, without overdoing it.

The fit is a very important thing for dress, when you are wearing it in a conservative working atmosphere. No fancy stuffs, straight cut silhouettes- ideal length slightly above your knee. A wrap dress will also do.  Colours should be in neutrals.

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