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Why does my cat roll over in the sand?
Cats romp around in the dirt for many of the same reasons as dogs: staying cool. The dirt underneath the dry top layer is moist and soft. This dirt layer has some water, making it a bit cooler than the outer crusty layer that gets hit by the sun. So naturally the cat makes itself a little burrow to roll around in to cool down after an afternoon hunt.

A cat relies heavily on her sense of smell. After all, it lets her know everything about her environment. It has a specialized scent organ in the roof of her mouth, known as the Jacobson’s organ, that allows her to gather even more information if she senses something especially interesting. 

Maybe another cat left his mark there recently, making the spot smell funny. She will roll around in the dirt to put as much of her own signature perfume -- from the scent glands on her rear end, paws and face -- in the dirt as possible. That way when that unfamiliar feline comes scurrying over again, he will know that this property belongs to her.

It could be a sign of parasites. Fleas or other insects might be lurking around in her fur, making her do everything in her power to get rid of that itch. 

Check her coat carefully for signs of unwelcome bugs. While evaluating her skin, look for irritated red patches and dander. These other clues let you know that she also could be suffering from an abnormal skin condition and needs a trip to the vet.

Why does my dog sometimes turn its head to one side when it hears a weird noise?
The most common explanation is that adjusting the position of the head can actually help the dog hear better, and thus analyze the situation better. A dog can hear things we can’t, but our blunt senses are much easier to use: we largely don’t have to adjust our physical positioning in order to hear, regardless of whether the sound is coming from our left or right. Dogs, though, whether because they get so much more information than we do or because their ears are more finicky, often have to adjust. Pups do it more often as everything is new to them.

Why does my dog scratch the floor before sleeping?
Wild dogs used digging behaviors like scratching the floor to create a “nest” or “den” in which to rest comfortably and securely. While domesticated dogs now have comfortable and safe places to sleep in their modern homes, the urge to scratch at the floor before lying down is has been passed down to the domesticated dog through evolution and they therefore, cant help but scratch before sleeping.
Special glands found in the bottom of a dog’s paws release a special scent that is enhanced by scratching. By digging into the surface of the area where they plan to rest, dogs use the odour from their paws to claim the territory as theirs.

Some dogs scratch the floor before lying down to enhance the comfort of their sleeping area. In warm areas, dogs may scratch the floor to cool down. In cool areas, dogs may scratch the floor to create a cozy, warm den to curl up in.

What does it mean when my cat arches its back?
They may do this because they feel the need to stretch their body after lying in a place for a long time. Arching their back helps them stretch and retain their agility after being in a monotonous position after a long time.

They also do this when they are threatened. This is because a cat with an arched back looks larger in height and more impressive. When in conflict, they do this to scare off their adversary by trying to appear bigger than they are. The fur will also stand up slightly toward the middle from both sides making the cat appear larger.

Why do cats like to go to vertically higher places?
Wild cats are tree animals. It gives them security and safety. If a cat is anxious or stressed, it will look to go to some higher place to feel safe. Higher positions also give them a great view of the surroundings and thus, they can watch for prey. It is common knowledge that cats love hunting and watching and stalking prey. A vertically higher position gives them a chance to do just that.

Height can also be a sign of status. If there are multiple cats in a household, the cat who controls the best perches is generally the most dominant. The highest cat is literally the ‘top cat.’

Is it illegal to have bonfires in forest areas?
Section 30 of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972 states that, “No person shall set fire to a sanctuary, or kindle any fire, or leave any fire burning, in a sanctuary, in such manner as to endanger such sanctuary.”

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