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Vir Das, we feel, is one actor who pretty much manages to slip right into the skin of the character he plays. Be it a ‘pothead’ pottering around the zombie infested jungles in Go Goa Gone or the selfish wannabe actor Rohan Kapoor in Revolver Rani

Stepping away a good few miles from playing the hero’s friend or the third wheel in a film, Das comes to us this week as Amit Sahni. Amit Sahni is, wait for it, an investment banker!

Our recurring image of Das is the one from Delhi Belly where he sings Jaa Chudail. Clearly a role that took Das a good few notches down on the crazy scale (but we still like him just as much),
Amit Sahni ki List
is more ‘com than rom’ explains the actor talking to Millennium Post

Amit Sahni ki List came to me post Go Goa Gone and well everyone wants to do a rom-com,’ says Das who was in the Capital to promote the movie in  the Kingdom of Dreams. 

So what is the movie about? ‘Well,’ starts off Das, ‘It is about Amit Sahni and his 200 item list...’. Long story kept very short (so as you go catch the movie!) - Amit makes a list of 200 things he wants in his perfect woman. 

He decides that he will not sit down happy unless he meets the woman who has all of the things  on the list. ‘What happens is that Amit turns into this serial dater and goes on to date 15 girls one after the other with each date getting worse than the next,’ Das says who also bungy jumped as one of the date activities. 

While the search for the perfect woman continues, ‘The list starts controlling Amit and of course when he finds the right girl, all hell must break loose,’ adds Das. 

‘As an investment banker, all of Amit’s moves are very planned and strategic, but even before he can grasp it, he has lost control of things thanks to the list,’ says  the actor talking about his character. 

Das goes on to say that what will work for Amit Sahni ki List is the fact that the audience will find a lot of connection points with Amit. The main thing that makes romantic comedies work is of course the relatability factor. 

Co-starring Vega Tamotia and Kavi Shastri and directed by Ajay Bhuyan, 
Amit Sahni ki List 
 hit screens on 18 July amidst some very optimistic reviews. 

With six releases in the next 18 months, Das clearly has his hands very full as he juggles shoots, promotions and his own shows like Battle of the Sexes and History of India -VIRtten

Last seen in Sooper se Ooper and Shaadi ke Side Effects with Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, Das will be seen next in a film based on the 1984 riots with Soha Ali Khan that hits screens on 31 October and in Saxx ki Dukaan (where, rumour has it, Das plays a double role). 

‘Besides that I have signed four studio films,’ he says adding that before he launched into bigger projects he wanted to do a movie like Amit Sahni ki List - the underdog script. 

We do root for underdogs always! 

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