Lindsay wins round of $60 million legal battle

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan Jr have won a round of a $60 million legal battle against Fima Potik, who tried to sue them for stealing his business idea. The Mean Girls actor, her sibling and another partner were sued by Potik for $60 million after he alleged they stole his idea for a fashion app named Spotted Friend to launch their own titled Vigme.

However, the parties have now agreed - pending a sign-off from a judge - to lift a temporary restraining order against them after their lawyer Ravi Batra claimed it had kept them from working on their business for a year. “Fima has disobeyed three court orders to produce proof that he had a working app by June 2013, something he was never able to prove,” Batra said. The lawyer also described Potik as a “celebrity leach” and a “spoiled little wannabe trust-fund baby who wants to hang out with Lindsay and who got himself a lot of ink by suing”.
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