Lindsay Lohan offered X-rated film?

Actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been offered a role in an X-rated film.

‘Her acting career is going south and it seems as if people are run­ning scared from working with her — some industry insiders think she’s uninsurable, unreliable and far too much trouble,’ quoted a source as saying.

Lindsay might star in a ‘self-pleasuring’ porn video much like the one filmed by Octomom Nadya Suleman.

‘Lindsay has had offers before, but one particular online porn com­pany has put $2.5 million on the table,’ said a source.

‘If she says yes, the footage will be of­fered to pay-per-view subscribers — and LiLo’s friends say her back is against the wall. Every time her law­yers go to court, it’s another $50,000. It’s unsustainable and she must know she’s running out of options fast. A move into porn isn’t ideal — especially if she wants to return to mainstream film acting. But right now, she’s not in a position to pick and choose,’ the source added.I
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