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The festival of light is the one which erases the darkness around. The spirit of celebration brings all together. Food, fiesta, fun continues to add happiness. But, are we ‘light’ enough? Is the soul happy and free? Questions follow me and it is my attempt to keep you and I ‘lighter’ and happier. Everyday is a new journey we embark on. It has to be celebrated. Every moment is precious. These are probably few ways to help us walk the mile with a smile.

Be honest to your own self: many a times, unknowingly we continue to live a pseudo life. We don’t spend time talking to our self. Do spend some time everyday to look back and analyse the journey. Self introspection is crucial for a lighter tomorrow.

Spend time in doing what you love: busyness take us on a trip that suffocates us. We need a window to relax. May be sipping a cup of ginger tea on looking the sunset from the rooftop or listening to Rafiji after work.... We need to understand our need. Small joys add a lot of happiness. It is mandatory to give an effort to remain happy.

Doing for others: Life is always beautiful when we consider to make it better for our world around. Charity, donation definitely helps but often we forget - charity begins at home. Elder members of the family have their unfulfilled quota of desires. Take time out to delve and discover what you can do to make them happier. Spending quality time is perhaps a great gift too.

Save and spend: What is the point in earning if you don’t spend living a life of your choice? Work, more work, more money is important. Yet, do plan vacations and don’t leave any opportunity to travel. 

As long as bones have strength and the heart has unfulfilled desires, don’t stop. Spend on your dreams. It’s always worth the experience.

Speak up. Speak out: often we keep words and feelings locked up fearing consequences. One life, do what you feel. Speak and speak aloud. Freedom of speech is our right and only pillow or mirror talks might lead to depression. Be careful not to break hearts but to keep yourself lighter, you have to open up.

Love. Live. Laugh: don’t be scared to love and don’t hesitate to express. Life is short and no chapter of repentance should cloud your tomorrow. Sometimes you might just look back and laugh at your own self. And trust me, it’s worth it.

In our attempt to be happier and better we often neglect the importance of today. Now is all we have. Spend every moment wisely. Be wise to love yourself. Be wise to divide your day in a way where you can sleep with a smile on your face. 

Smiling is contagious and seldom we ignore it’s importance. May the season of light illuminate our soul for a goal to be achieved: stay light, be happy!

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