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My boyfriend is ignoring me? Can you suggest what should I do?
Renu, Haryana
Ask him if he’s ignoring you for any specific reason. Did you bother him? Did you accidentally say something? If he’s acting strangely for a specific reason, you will want to know why, so that you don’t risk doing it again. If he tells you he just needs more space, figure out if you can live with that. If you’re the kind of person who wants complete partnership with your boyfriend, and that sort of space is going to be hard for you to deal with, things might not work out. Take time, give time and have a peaceful relationship.

I have shifted and live alone. I’m very scared of sleeping alone. I’m turning insomniac. How can I overcome this?
Jasmine Srinivas, New Delhi
I completely understand. This is what I have personally tried and has helped me overcome the fear of sleeping alone. A little noise might help you. While people with insomnia often play music that is combined with the sound of nature; in your case too, you may need to play the sound of people talking. Turn on the TV, choose a 24-hour news channel, and adjust the volume. It is quite likely that you’ll get bored and can sleep more easily.
Good luck!

I think my husband is cheating on me. Please help!

Name withheld
Be direct and ask him if he’s cheating on you. He may lie or he may tell you the truth. But either way, he will know that his relationship with you is in trouble and there is a cloud somewhere. Don’t let him off the hook. It’s time to talk about boundaries and trust issue. Though this is a bit sly, yet cheaters need to be caught. See if you can get your hands on his mobile phone bill (on paper or online), you might be able to see who he’s been talking to and texting with. Long conversations and lots of texting to one particular number are red flags. Professional help (detective agencies) might also help. Best of luck!

How can I save money? I’m forever broke!

Raju N, Faridabad
Spend less than you make
Create a daily/ weekly/ monthly budget
Keep paperwork of all your expenses
Maintain a tax file
Beware of credit card debt
Resist wasteful habits

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