LG Jung approves Cycle Sharing Policy in Dwarka

 In order to ensure use of cycles on a mass scale, Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung on Monday approved the Cycle Sharing Policy. Speaking on the occasion Jung said: “Today even for one-two <g data-gr-id="32">kms</g> we are forced to use motorbikes or cars and this adds to pollution and congestion on the streets and therefore promotion of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is vital.” 

The Cycle Sharing Policy formulated by UTTIPEC is to incentivise participation by the private sector in promoting cycle sharing and renting in the city. It was felt that if cycle sharing is to be promoted in whole of Delhi and cannot be done without any financial burden or subsidy to the operators. As per the decision land owning agencies like PWD, DDA, MCD etc. will provide NMT (Non-motorize Transport) lanes and related infrastructure. 

The safety and mobility of cyclists and pedestrians will also be ensured so that the city moves towards having safe cycling infrastructure on the streets and at intersections.

In the meeting, a presentation on Dwarka Cycle Sharing System by Centre for Green Mobility (CGM), a non-profit organisation partnering DDA in preparation of the plan and providing technical assistance with support from Shakti Foundation, was made. The cycle sharing of Dwarka, on the lines of the policy shall enable implementation of 100 <g data-gr-id="27">kms</g> of shaded Cycle Tracks and Pedestrian walkways along with 180 cycle stations spread over 30 <g data-gr-id="28">sq</g> km of area of Dwarka with 2,500 cycles.

DDA V-C, Balvinder Kumar said: “DDA shall run the system for the first three years without expectation of a lot of <g data-gr-id="31">revenue</g> as we want to establish a good system that works and one which everyone likes using. We are hopeful that it will benefit the people in a big way. This project shall be used as a way to improve the existing road infrastructure of Dwarka including betterment of footpaths, cycle tracks shading <g data-gr-id="35">road side</g> amenities and other public services”.
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