Let’s Make A Song To Remember!

It’s been a week of mixed emotions- from rediscovering love to stressing about health, from nervous excitement about a new song to despairing about distance. While sometimes chaos inspires creativity, in my case it only ends up putting my thoughts in utter disarray! While picking my brain about a topic for this week, I came across some of my earliest pieces of writing. They lack polish and finesse, yes, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to write anything as honest and real again!
A lot of you have been reading my column every week since the past few months. I’d like to believe we’re sort of friends now, aren’t we? And, friends share- stories, feelings, thoughts, ideas. Now, I’ve got an idea for us. I’m sharing a song I wrote a long while ago, after a terrible heartbreak, but never got around to finishing it. How about you and I collaborate and create something beautiful? Below are the words. Think of a tune, a melody, and share it with me? Let’s together make a song? Yes?

You think I’m not strong
I know you think I’m not strong
Baby, I hate to tell ya you’ve got it all wrong
Hey kid, pick up the pieces and run along
Find a place where you belong
It’s taken me a while to get where I am but,
My dearest, oh my sweetest love
You know, I’m gone
Nothing scares me no more, babe
Since the day you walked out that door
I know I got me, and only only only me
To count on
So, bring it on, babe!
Let’s see what you got!
I’m done livin’ in the shadows
It’s my time to shine on!
You tried to hold me back, my love
For the sake of love, you said
Well, baby, you had your chance
You let it slip outta your hands!
Life’s a big party
Crazy, ugly, lovely
I got songs to sing, lives to touch,
So I’m livin’ on!
And, hey mister, we’re through & through & through,
Yeah, I’ve moved on!

The deepest wounds
The deadliest storms
Empty spaces, incomplete songs
Broken promises
Hopeless desires
Sugarpie, I’m free from it all
I was scared to let you go, my darling
I didn’t wanna be on my own
I remember you tellin’
You’ll never leave me alone
I don’t hold it against you
You did me a favour, baby
Honestly, I was done being cheated on

I’m done talkin’ about you, babe
There’s nothing more to say
May all your dreams come true
I wish you only the best
But, yeah, won’t I be glad, baby boy
If you have a heartbreak or two!
Babe, sorry to say but I gotta go
Baking a cake for my lover
Been seeing him for a while now
Got a whole new world to discover!
My email ID is I’m going to be checking my inbox every few minutes for the next few days, and hoping to see at least a few responses. And, I’d absolutely hate to be disappointed. So, promise me you won’t?

Malini Banerjee is a snotty single child, mountain junkie, playback singer, Austen addict, hopes to soon finish writing her debut novel, and dreams of singing alongside Buddy Guy.
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