Leo hated Django Unchained role

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has won a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, says he did not like his character in the film.

DiCaprio, 38 plays the role of plantation boss Calvin Candie, who forces his male workers to fight for sport and pushes his female servants into prostitution.

‘It was this incredibly interesting horrific character. I mean, there was absolutely nothing about this man I could identify with. I hated him and it was one of the most narcissistic, racist characters I've ever read in my entire life,’ quoted DiCaprio as saying. The actor initially wanted to soften his character but his co-stars Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson convinced him to go by the script. ‘One of the pivotal moments for me was this initial read-through, I wondered if it needed to be this violent and this atrocious to other human beings and it was Sam and Jamie who said, ‘If you sugarcoat this, people are gonna resent the hell out of you.’
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