Law intern who levelled charges against former SC judge yet to join probe: Police

The law intern, who levelled allegations against former Supreme Court Judge AK Ganguly of ‘unwelcome behaviour’, has not joined the investigation despite repeated requests by the Delhi Police.
In a letter to BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy, the home ministry said the law intern was approached by the Delhi Police to indicate a suitable time and place ‘as per her convenience’ for recording her account of the incident.

The law intern, who had made the allegations against Justice (retd) Ganguly of ‘unwelcome behaviour’, had told Delhi Police on December 7, 2013 that she would indicate a convenient time upon her return from Bangalore, the home ministry letter dated 2 July, 2014 said. ‘Delhi Police has further informed that inspite of repeated requests, the woman complainant has not joined the enquiry and hence no further enquiry into the incident of alleged unwelcome behaviour of the former SC judge was possible,’ it said.
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