Lalu calls Ramdev a 'mental case'

As Ramdev stoked a controversy calling MPs 'dacoits and murderers', RJD chief Lalu Prasad today termed these as utterings of a frustrated man.

'Baba Ramdev is frustrated. Whosoever speaks like this, is frustrated. He is a mental case,' Prasad said.

Addressing the media while launching his month-long yatra in Chhattisgarh's Durg yesterday, Ramdev said, 'They are those people who don't care, don't love the farmers, the labourers or the people of this country.

'They are friends and slaves of money. They are illiterate, dacoits and murderers. They are devils in the form of humans, who we have elected to those posts,' Ramdev said.

He said there are good people among the Parliamentarians and he respected them. 'But there are dacoits, murderers, illiterates among them. We have to save Parliament. We have to remove corrupt people,' he exhorted.
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