Lady Gaga features in American Horror Story

A new Lady Gaga-centric promo for American Horror Story: Hotel has been unveiled.
The 11-second viral video simply shows 29-year-old Gaga's silver-painted hand ringing a courtesy 
bell in the hotel's lobby, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Producer Ryan Murphy has already hinted that Gaga's appearance in American Horror Story: Hotel will not be musical in nature.

“People, keep saying to me, 'What numbers are they singing, what numbers are they singing?' and I say, 'There will be no  numbers',” he recently said.

This will be the pop star's first-ever continuing role in a television drama series.

Joining Lady Gaga in Hotel will be Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Max Greenfield, Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts, among others.

It was also revealed at Comic-Con over the weekend that long-time fans of the horror anthology series can expect to see characters from past seasons pop up as well. American Horror Story: Hotel is set to premiere this October on FX in the US. 
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