Kristen calls Hollywood ‘a weird place’

Actor Kristen Dunst says she has become a little disappointed with Hollywood and feels television is the new hub of creative people.
he 33-year-old Spider-Man trilogy star, who is all set to star in season 2 of Fargo, finds the film industry a ‘weird place,’ reported The Guardian.

“People don’t go to the cinema unless it’s an event <g data-gr-id="24">any more</g>. So the movie industry is in a weird place, for sure, and the creative people are blossoming on television,” Dunst said.

The actor said too many films is the reason she shifted to television.

“There are just too many movies being made, I think. 

“So many of them get lost. Too many cooks in the kitchen- the studio’s editing it, the producers are editing it, the director’s editing, too. But everyone has their hand in it, so whose movie is it at the end of the day?” 

The Interview with the Vampire actor finds TV more satisfactory as it involves a lot of hard work.
“Doing a television show is much, much harder work than <g data-gr-id="26">film,</g> because you’re doing 10 pages a day. You don’t get that many takes. And my character does not stop talking,” she said.
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