Women cops prevent gender crimes during Durga Puja

kolkata: With Kolkata recently concluding the worship of Goddess Durga in the mega festival, names of several women police officers have cropped up who hunted down modern-day demons and rescued women from trafficking and sexual violence.

Dressed in crisp white uniform of Kolkata Police, timely action by officers such as Tandrima Gupta Mukherjee, Barna Ghoshal, Sarojini Shoren, Meghna Kar, Manashi Karmakar, Minu Sonar, Kumarika Majumdar and Ratna Sarkar not only saved many teenagers from getting trafficked to other states, but also led to the rescue of girls, some as young as three-year-old, from sexual violence perpetrated by relatives and acquaintances.

Take Tandrima Gupta Mukherjee for example.

The officer had played a pivotal role in rescuing girls, who were scheduled to be pushed into sex trade, while they were confined to a room on Park Street. She also arrested two women chiefs of the gang and put them behind the bars.

Officer Sarojini Shoren, while investigating a case in which a youngster was harassing a woman using a fake social media account, not only got her justice but also established proper guidelines for women to be safe while using the internet.

Meghna Kar and Manashi Karmakar saved a teenage girl from the sexual advances of her grandfather and another college student who was tortured by her husband after her love marriage. Kumarika Majumdar rescued a three-year-old girl who was being sexually assaulted by a man.

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