Woman held for assault on cop

Kolkata: A lady cop was allegedly assaulted by a woman when she intervened to quell a dispute between a house owner and tenant inside Haridevpur police station on Wednesday evening. The woman involved in the act was arrested by the police.

The woman, Baisakhi Singh, had submitted a petition to the effect that her landlord is directing her to vacate the tenanted room. She claimed that the landlord Goutam Koley owed her Rs 14,000 but the latter has been refusing to refund the amount to her.

Officers from Haridevpur police station summoned the landlord for examination on Wednesday evening.

He informed the investigating officer on duty that the woman's (Baisakhi Singh) brother Rajib Bhuian was actually his tenant and not Singh.

The police then asked the woman to call up her brother Rajib, but she refused to do so. She suddenly got annoyed and went on harping on the fact that she required the money immediately.

Amidst the talks to pacify her in the investigating officer's room she became very violent and started screaming at the top of her voice. A lady police who was at that time on duty at the police station rushed to the room and tried to calm down the woman.

But the woman became furious and hit the lady police for which the latter was admitted at Bangur Hospital.

She was released soon after treatment. Singh was arrested on the basis of a complaint lodged by the lady cop.

It was only a month back when an unruly mob had unleashed violence at the Tollygunge police station by beating up a number of police personnel to protest the arrest of a Chetla youth arrested for creating public nuisance.

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