Vidyasagar Setu to remain shut from 8 am to 2 pm on Sunday

Kolkata: Vidyasagar Setu will be closed for six hours on Sunday for geometrical survey which would be taken up by the Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners (HRBC).

According to an advisory published by the Kolkata Police and HRBC movement of vehicles on Vidyasagar setu will be suspended from 8 am on Sunday till 2 pm. Sources informed that the balance of the bridge will be checked by the HRBC to ensure safety. During the period all the vehicles will have to avail Howrah Bridge to reach Howrah side. Due to the diversion it is feared that traffic congestion may take place on Howrah Bridge as the number of vehicles will increase in that area.

However, police are claiming that due to the day being a Sunday, no major problem will occur.

To tackle the situation, additional traffic cops will be deputed on Sunday morning.

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