Two dead after truck falls into water body

Two dead after truck falls into water body

KOLKATA: Two persons were killed in a road accident after a Bangladesh-bound truck lost control and fell into a roadside water body early on Sunday morning.

According to sources, around 5:30 am on Sunday, a truck loaded with chemical drums was moving towards the Bangladesh border in Petrapole Bongaon along Jessore Road. Near rail gate number 3, suddenly the driver somehow lost control and it fell into a roadside water body.

Initially, local people tried to rescue the helper and the driver of the truck but they failed as the driver's cabin was submerged in water.

Meanwhile, the police were informed. After a few moments the police arrived.

But they also found it tough to rescue the helper and the driver. After about four hours, bodies of the helper, identified as Amit Sarkar and driver Buddhadeb Sen, were brought out of the ill-fated truck. Later, a crane was arranged to pull out the truck from the water body.

Though the drums full of chemicals fell on the road and water, none of those damaged and no chemical leaked from the drums. Police are probing to find out the cause of the accident. While some of the local people are saying that it collided with another truck and lost control, a few are claiming that the driver lost control due to excessive speed.

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