Twin murder at Parnasree: Victim's mobile found

kolkata: Police have recovered the mobile phone of the woman, who along with her son was murdered in Parnasree on September 6.

On Thursday the accused duo, Sanjoy Das and Sandip Das, showed the cops the place where they had dumped the mobile phone and their bags after murdering Susmita Mondal and Tamojit Mondal. Police have also seized the motorcycle, which they used to arrive at the murder spot and to flee from there.

The bags, which they used, have been sent to the forensic laboratory for possible traces of blood.

Police claimed that initially Sanjoy and Sandip wanted to take away the mobile phone but later they threw it away near Susmita's house as they feared that cops could track them using technologal support.

The case was initially being investigated by the Parnasree police. But, it was taken over by the homicide section of the Detective Department.

Deep wounds were found on the bodies. It was being suspected that the wounds were inflicted upon both by a sharp object, suggesting that the attack was sudden.

Both the bodies were found in different rooms.

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