Traffic movement to be halted for 4 days due to load test of Rishi Bankim Setu

Kolkata: Traffic movement on Rishi Bankim Setu in Howrah will be suspended from August 23 to August 25 for the purpose of load test of the flyover.

During the period, Howrah City Police has planned elaborate traffic arrangement to divert vehicular movement using different roads. However, senior traffic police officials admitted that during the four days of closure, some of the roads in the city will face traffic congestion and thus the people have been requested to plan their journeys with sufficient time in hand.

According to police and Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) officials, the flank which is used to reach Howrah railway station from Howrah city will be closed.

To accommodate the vehicles moving towards Howrah station, the other flank will be used which is at present used for vehicular movement towards Howrah city.

During the closure of Rishi Bankim Setu, vehicles entering Howrah city will be diverted through the new complex of Howrah railway station. The vehicles will move along the riverside road and will enter Howrah city from Burn Standard crossing.

Vehicles going to South Howrah will have to avail Foreshore Road, whereas for North Howrah vehicles will have to avail Dobson Road. To reach Central Howrah, vehicles will have to avail Bangal Babu bridge and Fansitala. However, sources informed that KMDA authorities are yet to discuss the matter with the Railways, which would be done soon.

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