To celebrate 70th Anniversary, British Council awards scholarships to 100 Indian women

Kolkata: One hundred Indian women have been awarded British Council 70th Anniversary Scholarships, in order to mark the organisation's 70th anniversary in India.
The 70th Anniversary Scholarship, which is the first British Council scholarship programme solely for women, cover tuition fees for a one year Master's course in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, during the 2018-19 academic year.
The 100 scholars will be attending 44 British universities in all corners of the world, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The UK is a global leader in quality research and the scholarships will offer the women the chance to work in world-class research environments and collaborate with international research teams.
Alan Gemmell, director India, British Council, said "We've been inspired by India every day of the last 70 years – by its artists, students and teachers. This year, we want to say thank you for 70 inspiring years. We want to share the stories of the great things we've done together, tell new stories and inspire millions of young people to develop connections for the next 70 years. The women we've selected to be our 70th anniversary scholars, will be the ambassadors for these ambitions."
British Council's 70th anniversary scholars have been selected from across India. 44 have been selected from South India, 21 from North India, 20 from West India, 9 from East India and 6 from North-East India.
55 of the candidates are from tier-1 metro cities, while 45 belong to tier-2 and 3 cities and districts.
Scholars will be studying subjects in STEM fields, including 32 in computer sciences, 27 in biological sciences and 12 each in engineering and physical sciences. Other subjects include technology, maths and medicine.

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