Telemedicine facility helps to save life of brain stroke victim

Telemedicine facility helps to save life of brain stroke victim

kolkata: The robust telemedicine infrastructure developed by the state government under the instructions of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during COVID-19 times proved to be a boon for an elderly patient hailing from Amdanga in North 24-Parganas, who suffered from brain stroke on Wednesday.

The octogenarian was brought to Barasat Hospital on Wednesday afternoon after suffering brain stroke.

The doctors at Barasat hospital were apprehensive that 81-year-old Sheikh Abdul Rahaman might not be able to stand on his own and will become bedridden with one side of his body getting completely paralysed.

The life risk factor was also not ruled out as there was blood clot in the veins inside his head.

It was necessary to address the blood clot issue within four hours so that he could recover from the effect of the stroke.

So, management of time was of utmost importance. Barasat hospital superintendent Dr, Subrata Mondal immediately made arrangements for conducting the patient's CT scan on emergency basis.

The CT scan report was immediately sent to Bangur Institute of Neurology (BIN) which has the best infrastructure for treating similar cases in the state.

The telemedicine expert team, led by Dr. Biman Roy of BIN, examined the report and advised that it was not an haemorrhage but a case of blood clot and an injection needs to be administered immediately to the patient. They also sent a prescription regarding treatment, which was necessary as per protocol.

Doctors at Barasat hospital acted as per advice and the patient recovered.

"Wednesday's incident is only the beginning. We are hopeful that in the days to come similar neuro patients can be given a fresh lease of life through telemedicine consultation. There is always a great risk involved in transportation of patients who have suffered brain stroke as there are chances of health condition deteriorating very fast," a senior official of state Health department said.

He added that the most important aspect is to ensure that such patients should be brought to the hospital as quick as possible.

"Usually, there are ample chances of recovery, if injection can be administered within four hours of suffering such a type of brain stroke," he claimed.

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