Teachers visit students at home to bring back dropouts to classes

Teachers visit students at home to bring back dropouts to classes

balurghat: With an aim to bring the dropout students to mainstream school education, the school authorities of South Dinajpur have started door-to-door visits, involving the teachers regarding the matter. The school authorities of both Balurghat and Gangarampur subdivisions have already launched the drive as per instruction of the district education department.

According to an education department official of South Dinajpur, the teachers are now divided into small groups for doing the visit.

"After reopening of schools for the students of Class IX to XII, the attendance of the students have been very thin in most schools and that is why the district school education department as per instruction of the concerned state education department has directed the school authorities to initiate door-to-door campaign in order to increase the attendance of the students," said the official.

The official said the school authorities are being instructed to involve the teachers to visit the houses of irregular students.

"The teachers will visit their houses and talk to their parents to know the reason behind the reason for their absence. A section of the students is now involved in doing other work due to the long closure of schools since March 16, 2020 for COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is our task to bring all the dropout students back to school," he added.

After receiving the instruction, the headmasters/headmistresses of different educational institutions have taken up an initiative in doing the field work by involving teachers for regular attendance of irregular students.

"We used to conduct the door-to-door drive quite regularly. The teachers are now talking to the guardians to find out the exact reason behind the absence of their sons/daughters. A few students are now involved in doing other work besides studies. The teachers are trying to convince their parents to send them back to school," said Subhendu Biswas, the headmaster of Borom High School.

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