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Suvendu Adhikari is a traitor suffering from guilty conscience, says Trinamool

Trinamool Congress seeks investigation into chargesheet leak incident, alleges central probe agencies giving out reports to BJP leaders

KOLKATA: Demanding a thorough inquiry into the alleged leak of a chargesheet filed by the central probe agency, Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Wednesday claimed that some Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) officers were taking pictures of chargesheet and copies of witness and leaking it to the BJP leaders.

The allegation was raised after BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari posted 'select few questions and answers' on social media, claiming those extracts to be part of a chargesheet by the CBI. At the same time, Trinamool lashed out at the Leader of Opposition, Suvendu, stating that he was suffering from a "guilty conscience".

"He is a traitor and doesn't even have the guts to look into the eyes of Trinamool leaders," said TMC leader, Kunal Ghosh, while addressing a press conference on Wednesday in Haldia.

"The entire BJP machinery in Bengal and the two or three leaders who have joined them from TMC are unable to counter Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. They are now resorting to making personal attacks on her and AITC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee. These BJP leaders are taking undue advantage of the central machinery and are busy defaming Abhishek Banerjee," he added.

"What Suvendu Adhikari pushed as a chargesheet, was mentioned in Question 2 as to who 'AB' was. But Suvendu did not show Question 3. Question 3 sought to know whether the person had ever spoken directly to 'AB' or any of his assistants. The answer was no. The person answered that he had never met or has been in touch with AB," Ghosh added.

Ghosh further stated that the second part of the said chargesheet was in blue-ink. "If that too is a part of the chargesheet, then it should have been submitted to the court. It has to be a certified copy and of course, a photocopy is in black and white. So, how did Suvendu get hold of the original copy? Either it is a duplicate one or is smuggled out by officers of the agency. We demand an inquiry into the incident. We are worried that some CBI and ED officers are taking pictures of the chargesheet and copies of witnesses and sending them to BJP leaders. This is a dangerous ploy and must be investigated," he claimed.

"Those who have circulated and forwarded the copy of the chargesheet will have to be responsible as all

these people will be named in the case that will soon be filed in the court," he added.

He further stated that Suvendu was named in an FIR by the CBI. "Saradha accused Sudipta Sen has given letters alleging him of extorting money from his company and the papers were found during the investigation in the Kanthi Municipality. These papers have corroborated what was alleged by Sudipta Sen. That is the only reason why Suvendu ran to join BJP," he added.

Ghosh stated that Suvendu's words had no value. "All BJP leaders function on their own. Suvendu Adhikari gave a 'December' deadline. Whereas, Sukanta Majumdar rejected his claim yesterday and added that the person (referring to Suvendu) who said this would know better," he added.

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