Strict surveillance keeps 'city of joy' safe on Christmas

Kolkata: No major adverse incidents had taken place during the Christmas celebration as Kolkata Police had taken precautionary measures to ensure safety.

Police on Saturday arrested 19 people for disorderly conduct and other reasons from across the city.

Around 1500 police personnel were deployed in and around Park Street both on December 24 and 25 to ensure safety. Moreover, at least 3000 cops will be guarding the area during New Year.

Though good number of people visited Park Street this year, police personnel kept a close watch on the crowd from the watch


Also women police personnel in plain cloth were among the crowd to ensure that any woman does gate harassed. Drones were used and

CCTV camera surveillance was also kept.

Apart from Park Street, cops were found active in all parts of the city throughout the night. Strict vigilance were kept on the restaurants, bars and pubs.

Traffic cops were found checking vehicles in order to ensure no accidents take place. Apart from security, police also ensured that Covid norms were being followed while celebrating Christmas.

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