State to rent helicopter for day, night movement of VIPs

Kolkata: The state government is going to rent a helicopter that is capable of undertaking day and night movement of VIPs.

The twin engine air-conditioned helicopter would have a seating

capacity for six passengers, excluding requisite crew members. The age of the helicopter, which would be rented, will not be more than eight years and qualified pilots have to be engaged for VIP operations as per standing instructions of the DGCA.

The helicopter would be operated as per day-to-day instructions of the Director, Flying Training Institute under the state Transport department. The service provider should be capable of providing a back-up helicopter with similar configuration when the original one is grounded or not available for operations for a period of three consecutive days. At the same time, the operator must have operated their helicopter for the service of the Central government, state government or any of their undertakings for cumulative 100 hours of flying during the last three financial years.

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