State records 2,723 fresh cases; at least 35 deaths in past 24 hours

State records 2,723 fresh cases; at least 35 deaths in past 24 hours

KOLKATA: Single-day Covid infection in Bengal slightly jumped on Wednesday as 2,723 fresh cases were reported while on Tuesday the state had witnessed 2,014.

With Covid cases dipping in Kolkata and majority of those testing positive being asymptomatic, Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to close down its safe homes from Friday.

On Monday the state saw a substantial drop in daily Covid infection as the cases came down to 1,910 from what stood at 3,427 on Sunday. The number of daily fatalities is still on the higher side.

As many as 35 people died of Covid in the state on Wednesday.

The number of fatalities stood at 32 on Tuesday and 36 on Monday. In December last year daily fatalities remained below 10. The figure started rising up to the level of 30-37 in the past one month. As the daily infected cases hit around 20,000, the death figure remained around 35.

The number of cases dropped at around 2,000 but the fatalities still remain on the higher side and this has become a concern for the health officials.

The total number of infected cases reached 20,00,253 in Bengal so far. Out of this, around 19,57,686 patients have been released from the hospitals after recovery.

The Covid positivity rate on Tuesday jumped to 4.61 percent on Wednesday from what stood at 4.09 percent on Tuesday.

The figure stood at 5.49 percent on Monday. The occupancy of Covid beds dropped to 3.11 percent on Wednesday from what stood at 3.33 percent on Tuesday.

The figure remained at 3.58 percent on Monday. The fatality rate in Bengal stood at 1.03 percent on Wednesday. The fatality rate remains unchanged for over a week.State registered the discharge rate at 97.87 percent on Wednesday. Around 59,104 samples were tested across the state on Wednesday.

State has so far carried out 2,33,26,464 sample tests. The RT-PCR and Antigen test ratio remained at 39:61 on Wednesday.

Kolkata on Wednesday registered 324 new cases. Kolkata has so far seen a total 4,44,958 Covid infected cases.

As many as 4,35,401 patients from Kolkata have already been released from the hospitals. Kolkata registered 7 Covid deaths on Wednesday and the total number of fatalities in the city so far reached 5,537. North 24-Parganas on Wednesday saw 565 new cases taking the total number of infected cases so far in the district to 4,00,788. Out of this, around 3,92,144 have already been released. North 24-Parganas has seen 6 Covid deaths on Wednesday while South 24-Parganas saw 8 deaths.

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