State logs 884 new cases; 28 fatalities

State logs 884 new cases; 28 fatalities

Kolkata: Bengal has seen a further rise in daily Covid infection on Wednesday with 884 new cases being reported whereas on Tuesday the daily cases stood at 736. On Monday the figure stood at 641 and 835 on Sunday.

State saw a substantial drop on Sunday as it dropped to 835 from what stood at 1,345 on Saturday. The figure stood at 1,523 on Friday. The number of daily fatalities has gone down below 30 on Wednesday. The figure was registered at 32 on Tuesday. The figure stood at 29 on Monday and 34 on Sunday. The figure stood at 31 on Saturday. In December last year daily fatalities remained below 10. The figure started rising up to the level of 30-37 in the past one month.

Single-day cases dropped to 102 on Wednesday from what stood at 108 on Tuesday. After a month, single day Covid cases in Kolkata had gone down 100 on Monday.

Around 132 new cases have been registered in North 24 Parganas on Wednesday. The figure stood at 94 on Tuesday.

The total number of infected cases so far in the North 24-Parganas has gone up to 4,01,922. Out of this, around 3,94,303 have already been released. North 24-Parganas has seen 1 Covid death on Wednesday while Kolkata has seen 3 deaths. Kolkata has so far seen a total 4,45,968 Covid infected cases. As many as 4,37,867 patients from Kolkata have already been released from the hospitals. The number of fatalities in the city so far reached 5,589.

The total number of infected cases reached 20,08,133 in Bengal so far. Out of this, around 19,71,826 patients have been released from the hospitals after recovery. The Covid positivity rate on Wednesday jumped to 1.89 percent from what stood at 1.87 percent on Tuesday. The figure stood at 2.59 percent on Monday. The figure stood at 3.34 percent on Sunday and 3.66 percent on Saturday.

The occupancy of Covid beds dropped to 1.63 percent from what stood at 1.73 percent on Tuesday. The figure stood at 1.95 percent on Monday and 2.19 percent on Sunday and 2.44 percent on Saturday. The fatality rate in Bengal stood at 1.04 percent on Wednesday.

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