South Dinajpur: Nod sought for 48 CCU beds in 2 hosps

BALURGHAT: South Dinajpur district health department has sent a proposal to the state health department to increase the number of Critical Care Unit (CCU) beds for both Balurghat district hospital and Gangarampur subdivisional hospital.

According to a health official, the proposal was sent to the state health department for the approval of 48 CCU beds for Balurghat and Gangarampur hospitals in order to provide better health service to the district residents.

"At present Balurghat hospital has 12 CCU beds and Gangarampur hospital has six CCU beds. We have sent a proposal for more 12 CCU beds for Balurghat and 18 CCU beds for Gangarampur. Both the hospitals have immense pressure of the patients and in most cases, the concerned authorities of both hospitals are not able to arrange CCU beds for the patients in spite of their demands due to the shortage of beds," said the official.

Recently, a group of officials-led by Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Sukumar Dey had inspected both the hospitals to see the infrastructure and selected the suitable places where the new beds will be placed.

"Both the hospitals have enough infrastructures to keep the additional beds if the state health department approves the proposal of the district health department. We hope to get the approval from the higher authority soon," added the health official.

Initially, it has been decided that the additional beds will be kept at the first floors of both hospitals for the critical patients and children. The Covid patients will not be treated there with the general patients.

According to a health source, the Covid patients have a separate hospital where 10 CCU beds are already there to treat the serious patients.

Notably, South Dinajpur has one district hospital, one subdivisional hospital, two super-specialty hospitals and eight block hospitals to treat the patients.

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