SOP made to expedite work of laying of water pipelines

Kolkata: With the state government targets tap water connection in all 1.77 crore households by the end of 2024, the state Public Health Engineering department and the state Public Works Department formulated a standard operating procedure (SOP) streamlining the procedures of laying of water pipelines and restoration of roads besides empowering zonal chief engineers of both the departments to sort out technical issues locally. Emphasis has also been given on micro tunnelling technology for road laying of pipelines and restoration of roads.

The guidelines regarding laying of water pipelines across roads or shifting of water utilities and restoration of roads, as agreed by PWD and PHE departments, has been issued with concurrence of the state Finance Department. Superintendent Engineers have also been empowered to grant necessary permissions for compliance of the SOP considering it would help streamlining of procedures and expedite clearances need to be given for works related to laying of pipelines or restoration of roads.

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