Soon, software for easy detection of fire source in high-rises

The IT dept is likely to develop the same in four months

Soon, software for easy detection of fire source in high-rises

KOLKATA: The state Fire and Emergency Services department is developing a sophisticated software system for easy detection of source of fire in multi-storeyed buildings and shopping malls.

The state Information Technology department has already started work so that a 3D internal view of such buildings or malls can be captured in a special software system which will help in quick detection of the source of fire and hence fast track the work of extinguishing the same. The Fire and Emergency Services department will seek a detailed record of everything like the central air conditioning source, water source, electric wiring installation system, CCTV system in every single floor and other relevant things from the concerned

person involved in construction of a multi-storeyed

building or commercial high-rise projects right at the time when they apply for safety certificate.

"The record will be integrated in our system through the sophisticated low cost technology developed by the state IT department. In case of a fire, the fire fighters will have a clear idea of the probable sources of fire or the water source in the building before they start the fire fighting operation.

This will help them to fast track the dousing process," a senior official of the Fire department said.

"There have been instances when fire fighting operation in high-rises have taken a longer time because of non information about water source or delay in detecting the probable sources of fire," the senior official of the state Fire and Emergency Services department said.

Additional Chief Secretary of the department Manoj Agarwal has spoken with Principal Secretary of the IT department Rajeev Kumar and it is expected that the software system will be developed in a period of four months. The department will soon hold meetings with the leading real estate developers group in the city asking them for such a detailed mapping of the existing projects in Kolkata and its adjoining urban areas.

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