'Set up museum & lodge in memory of Raja Ram Mohan Roy'

kolkata: Radhanagar Palli Samiti (RPS) has urged Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to establish a museum and a tourist lodge in memory of Raja Ram Mohan Roy at his birth place on the occasion of his 250th birth anniversary in May this year.

The RPS was founded by Jatindranath Basu in 1923. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Indian reformer who was one of the founders of the Brahmo Sabha and the precursor of the Brahmo Samaj - a social-religious reform movement in the Indian subcontinent, was born in Radhanagar in Hooghly District on May 22, 1772 and died on September 27, 1833.

He was known for his efforts to abolish the practices of sati and child marriage and considered as the "Father of the Bengal Renaissance" by many historians."We have written a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in January this year requesting her to make a Museum and tourist lodge in memory of Raja Ram Mohan Roy," said Basu Dev Basu, general secretary of RPS (an organisation in memory of Raja Ram Mohan Roy).He reiterated that the state government had started a bus route between Kolkata and Radhanagar. "We also urge the government to put sign board at radius of at least 25km mentioning the direction of Raja Ram Mohan Roy's house in Radhanagar," pointed out Basu.

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