Robbery bid foiled at house in Salt Lake, stolen articles recovered

KOLKATA: Prompt action by the police foiled a burglary attempt in Salt Lake early on Tuesday morning.

Though the miscreants were able to flee from the clutches of the police, the stolen articles were recovered.

According to sources, around 5 am on Tuesday two miscreants had gathered in front of AH-193 house. When they were cutting the grill to gain entry into the house, someone in the neighbourhood saw them and informed the Bidhannagar East police station.

Promptly, cops of a patrolling van were instructed to reach the spot. When cops reached the houses, they saw the miscreants had just come out of the house. During a scuffle one of the miscreants bit on the hand of a constable and fled. The other cop missed the second miscreant while trying to help his colleague.

However the burglars had to leave the valuables they had stolen from the house. A massive manhunt is on to nab the criminals.

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