Regulatory body asks Medica Hosp to pay compensation of Rs 5L

Kolkata: The West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission has directed Medica Superspecialty Hospital to provide a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the family members of a patient, who died in the hospital in August and some negligence was found by the Commission against the hospital.

Moyna Mukherkee admitted her mother for some gall bladder issues on August 27. The patient was taken on August 25 initially when the family members were told that there was no bed. The patient was admitted on August 27. The patient had various complications, including diabetes and gastro issues. The surgeon decided to conduct a surgery without intimating the matter to the gastroenterologist. The operation was scheduled to take place on August 30. The elderly woman was kept in an empty stomach from the night of August 29.

The patient was kept waiting in an empty stomach throughout the day on August 30. In the evening the patient collapsed while being taken to the operation theater. The patient had died.

The WBCERC spotted some negligence on the part of the hospital. The WBCERC also directed the same hospital to pay a compensation of Rs 1 lakh in connection with a separate incident.

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