Ramakrishna Mission spent Rs 451.78 crore towards education in 2020-21

Kolkata: Ramakrishna Math and Mission spent Rs 851.36 crore to provide education, medical and other services to several lakh people in 2020-21, according to the financial statement issued by the general-secretary Swami Suvirananda.

RKM spent Rs 451.78 crore to provide education in 2020-21. The money was spent to provide education to 2,31,868 students through its 539 schools and colleges and 1056 non formal education centres.

RKM spent Rs 71.62 crore for tribal welfare benefitting 33.95 lakh people.

Services were given in the fields of community development along with providing medical facilities, education and general welfare.

A sum of Rs 262.11 crore to provide medical facilities to 72,382 inpatients and 31,90,265 outpatients through 123 dispensaries, 44 mobile units and 356 medical camps.

Through 7 nursing training centres 776 students were trained and through two medical research institutes 168

students undertook research


RKM spent Rs 34.20 crore to provide relief during Covid- 19 pandemic.

Dedicated Covid wards had been set up in Lucknow and Vrindaban.

The hospitals and Kankhal and Haridwar had run flue clinics. The headquarters of RKM at Belur along with 127 branch centres spreading over 26 states/union territories distributed

dry food, face masks, hand sanitizer bottles washing power, garments etc among 4,51, 476 families.

Five Vedanta centres located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth in Australia were officially recognised as sub-centres or chapters of Vedanta Centre of Sydney.

The Mymensingh centre in Bangladesh started an orphanage named Vivekananda Anath Ashrama at Durgapur in Greater Mymensingh district in Bangladesh.

The centres in Bangladesh, Philippines, Singapore,

South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zambia rendered Covid relief services.

The 112th annual general meeting of RKM was held recently at Belur Math. It was presided over by Swami Smaranandaji, president of Ramakrishna Math and Mission. RKM runs 127 libraries across India and brings about 16 periodicals in 13 languages with 2,19, 697 subscribers.

Belur Math reopened on Wedneday. The timings are 7am to 11 am and 3.30pm to 5.30pm. The visitors will have to follow COVID-19 protocol.

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