Pvt nursing home asked to return over Rs 4L in 2 cases

kolkata: West Bengal Clinical Establishment Commission (WBCERC) has directed Midland Nursing Home to return Rs 1.15 lakh and Rs 3.85 lakh to two patients in separate incidents as both were denied admission under West Bengal Health Scheme.

The hospital authorities also have to consider these two cases under the state health scheme and submit the papers to the government accordingly for reimbursements.

Kamal Kumar Dam took his relative, a Covid infected patient to the hospital and urged them to admit the patient under West Bengal Health Scheme but the hospital authorities said as the patient's condition was critical he should be admitted as cash patient otherwise it would take much time to complete the formalities.

The hospital also assured that it would be later treated under the health scheme before the patient would be released. After 19 days the patient

was discharged and the family members were asked to pay a bill of Rs 7 lakh. After hearing the case on Wednesday the WBCERC told the hospital to return Rs 3.85 lakh to the family in 3 installments in 3 months and consider the case under the state health scheme and submit the papers to the government for its clearance. Hospital has also to return money to the patient if the amount disbursed by the government exceeds Rs 3.15 lakh. In a similarincident, Rajkumar Chandra complained that his patient was also denied admission under the state health scheme as the patient was infected with Covid and her health condition was serious. The patient stayed at the hospital for 9 days. The patient was charged Rs 2.65 lakh.

The Commission has asked the hospital to return Rs 1.15 lakh within a month and submit the papers to the government and consider it as a patient of state health scheme. The hospital has to give back if the government disburses any amount over Rs 1.50 lakh. The Commission asked Sterling Hospital in Shyambazar to refund Rs 26,924 and Rs 5,270 to the family members of two patients as they were charged exorbitantly.

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