Probe: 3D-mapping of crime spot conducted

Probe: 3D-mapping of crime spot conducted

kolkata: Day after bodies of the managing director of an engineering firm and his driver were recovered from the former's ancestral house on Kankulia road in Gariahat, police on Tuesday conducted 3D-mapping of the murder spot. Experts said the advanced technique will help the investigators to mark objects clearly irrespective of their sizes during the probe. It will also help the investigators to reconstruct the crime scene.

Besides, police also brought a sniffer dog to the crime scene, which led the cops to Ballygunge railway station, platform number 1. It is being suspected that the murderers may have boarded a train to flee.

The cops examined the footage captured by a surveillance camera installed at a house opposite to Chaki's building. According to reports, on the evening of murder day a goods-laden vehicle was seen parked outside the deceased's property. Sources revealed that the CCTV camera failed to capture a clear image of the miscreants, who managed to flee after killing 61-year-old Subir Chaki and his driver, Rabin Mondal, due to the obstruction caused by the vehicle.

Forensic experts had visited the spot on Monday and collected samples for examination. A sniffer dog was also brought on Monday, which went towards Gol Park and returned to the spot. On Tuesday, the sniffer dog went to Ballygunge railway station, which is around 150 meters from the house. Though police did not confirm, sources informed that a blood stain mark was found on a pillow which suggested that a sharp weapon was used to murder the corporate head. Cops suspect that the crime might have been committed in an hour's time between 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Sunday.

It was learnt that the police did not get hold of the missing mobile phone of Chaki till Tuesday night. It is suspected that there might be some valuable information in Chaki's mobile phone, which needed to be tampered for the sake of hiding the murderers' identities.

Cops have also questioned a few staff of Chaki's office located at 4, Mango Lane to find out if there were any problems in his office.

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