'Panel of Transaction Advisors' to expedite infra development in PPP mode

Kolkata: With initiatives taken to develop infrastructure along with a number of major projects in public private partnership (PPP) framework, the state government is now going to appoint "Panel of Transaction Advisors" to expedite the process of identification, conceptualisation and implementation of the projects.

According to the Nabanna sources, the state government intends to empanel maximum six Transaction Advisors for PPP projects, for each identified sector of the infrastructure.

Transaction Advisors would generally undertake financial analysis, economic analysis, legal analysis, environmental impact analysis, contract document preparation, tender processing, engineering designing or cost estimating, preparation of pre-feasibility and detailed project reports and other assistance in developing a PPP project. They will also prepare Expression of Interest (EOI) and Request for Proposal (RFP).

They would also coordinate with the Finance and other concerned departments and also act as a crucial player in recovery of the investments made in such projects through innovative business and commercial practices.

They would also have the responsibility of preparing a pre-feasibility report, techno-economic feasibility report, detailed project report, investment banking report and environment impact assessment study report.

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