Panchayats dept to home deliver Covid food packages from Monday

Kolkata: Come Monday and the state Panchayats and Rural Development (P& D) department is starting home delivery services for Covid-infected persons. The move comes with the positive cases witnessing a sharp rise in Kolkata and its adjoining areas.

"A balanced diet is very important for those who are suffering from Covid. All our products are 100 percent natural and free from any sort of adulteration. The food is being cooked in a manner avoiding excess spices so that it is perfectly suited for such patients. A variety of winter vegetables and fruits have been made an integral part of our platter," a senior official of the West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation (CADC) – an autonomous organisation under P&RD department, which is executing the food preparation and home delivery, said.

The official added that in the given situation, it has been found that the infection is spreading very fast and there have been several instances when from a single family member, other members of the family have also got infected. So, when every single member of a family is affected, home delivery of food will be of immense help to them.

The Covid food package is meant for both lunch and dinner. The Bengali package consists of rice, kolai dal, bhaja (fry), chicken curry with potato and papaya, chutney and fruits at Rs 200 per head while the continental food package includes grilled chicken and grilled vegetables, brown/white rice and fruits at Rs 150 per head. Vegetables will have bell peppers, lettuce, capsicum while fruits will have strawberry and kiwi that are rich in anti-oxidants. All products are produced in CADC's own farms and cultivated by Self-Help Groups in 100 percent natural manner. Orders can be placed through WhatsApp numbers 8170887794 and 9163312808. For lunch, order will have to be placed before 10 pm the previous night while for dinner it should be placed before noon on that very day. Lunch will be delivered between 12-2 pm while dinner will reach households between 7 pm and 9 pm. The delivery area of CADC is from Airport (Gate 1) to Garia along EM Bypass and from Dunlop in the north to Behala in the south which covers Kolkata and Bidhannagar-New Town in entirety. In Howrah, delivery will be available till Nabanna.

In an earlier development, patients are being sent a fruit basket by the state government along with a 'get well soon' message from the Chief Minister. So far, around 10,000 fruit baskets have been prepared and distribution of the packages across Kolkata has started.

Councillors have been tasked with the job of distributing the fruit baskets along with the message. They are visiting the households of the Covid patients to deliver the packages. In units where the infection rate is high, the packages are being dropped outside the house or building and the residents are informed over the phone.

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