Over 34K booster doses administered in past 24 hrs

Over 34K booster doses administered in past 24 hrs

KOLKATA: State has so far administered over 34,246 booster or precautionary doses of Covid vaccine on the health professionals, frontline workers and senior citizens on Wednesday.

The number of cumulative booster doses administered so far in the state reached 14.46 lakh.

Bengal has cumulatively administered around 12.63 crore doses so far in Bengal since the immunisation drive began out of which around 5,28,780 doses were administered in the past 24 hours. Around 7 crore people have received first Covid doses while around 5.54 crore received double doses.

Around 38,039 first doses have been administered on Wednesday while 4,56,485 people have received second doses.

Around 6,906 AEFI cases have been reported across Bengal so far.

Around 5,021 Covid vaccination centres have been operational in the state. Bengal has already started administering a second dose of Covaxine among adolescents in the age group 15-18 as almost all of them have received their first jab.

Nearly around 45 lakh eligible adolescents in this age group have received doses. No vaccine dose is wasted in Bengal and therefore the wastage rate in the state remains in negative figure. It happened only because the state has ensured overutilisation of vials by extracting more doses given in extra.

It may be mentioned here that Bengal has been successfully extracting minimum 7 to 10 extra doses of vaccine on an average basis from 10 vials for over a long time.

The extraction of extra doses are beyond the labeled quantity of doses supposed to be administered. This has become possible due to the efficiency of nursing personnel and health workers in the Covid vaccination centers (CVC) across the state.

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