Now, Alipore Zoo inmates can be adopted on monthly basis

Now, Alipore Zoo inmates can be adopted on monthly basis

kolkata: In a sincere bid to provide an opportunity to school and college students to become foster parents, Alipore Zoological Gardens has tweaked its 'adopt an animal' policy launched in 2013.

Till a few months ago, the animals could be adopted for a year. From September onwards, the zoo authorities have allowed adoption for a period of one month. The interest has been overwhelming with as many as 10 persons, mostly students, taking up adoption after the introduction of the monthly scheme.

"We have been receiving requests from many people, particularly students to bring down the adoption rate or allow them to become foster parents for a shorter duration, which will suit their budget. We took up the matter with the West Bengal Zoo Authority and after receiving the green signal have introduced monthly adoption," Asis Samanta, director of Alipore Zoological Gardens said.The monthly adoption rate varies from Rs 100 to Rs 20,000. The Bengal Tiger/ White Tiger, Lion and Elephant can be adopted for Rs 20,000 per month while jaguar, leopard, giraffe, hippopotamus and rhinoceros at Rs 10,000 per month each. A variety of birds can be adopted at only Rs 700, while the four cockatoo varieties at Rs 800. The lowest amount for adoption Rs 100 a month is for budgerigar, while parrot and myena comes at Rs 300 per month.

Beginning from January till October, the zoo has earned Rs 3.67 lakh from adoption. The monthly adoption has been for kangaroo (Rs 2500 per month), zebra (Rs 3000 per month), iguana at Rs 500 per month, and cockatiel at Rs 200 a month to name a few. Dyutiman Bhattacharya, DCP(headquarters), Howrah adopted a striped hyena at Rs 15,000 for a year last month.

Besides, incentives like celebrating the birthday of the adopted animal inside the zoo, the scheme provides the opportunity to use the animal's photograph for publication in newspapers, magazines, in the letterhead and website of an individual or institution."Now, we are putting a display board bearing the name and photograph of the adopter in front of the cage of the adopted animal. Previously, only the name was mentioned," a senior Zoo official said.

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