'No explosion occurred at Baguiati hotel, reservoir's slab collapsed'

KOLKATA: The Forensic experts have opined that no explosion had taken place at the Baguiati hotel-cum-banquet halls on Monday night.

On Tuesday afternoon, a three member team from the state Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) visited the incident spot and collected samples.

According to sources, after inspecting the site, FSL experts suspect that that a lot of air had accumulated inside the empty water reservoir.

The pressure of accumulated air was so powerful that the concrete slab measuring around 20 feet and around eight inch thick was pushed up by at least eight feet.

The slab later fell on the electrical panel box weighing around one thousand kg pushing it towards the wall. The man, who died on Monday night had fallen between the wall and panel box and got trapped. However, no sign of any explosion or fire was found.

On Monday night, a man identified as Chandrasekhar Bera (37) was killed in the incident. Two other persons suffered injuries and were admitted to a hospital. At that moment, two marriage ceremonies were going at the said hotel-cum-banquet halls.Around 8 pm a explosion like sound and something heavy collapsing was heard.

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