NKDA proposes measures to make people aware of electric vehicles

KOLKATA: New Town Kolkata Development Authority ( NKDA) proposed to take a number of steps to make people aware about the use Electric Vehicles (EV).

The state government has a target of 10 Lakh EVs combined across all segments by end of 2022. However, it was observed that the number of actual EVs in the state was very low and would require active focus for reaching the target number.

A meeting to discuss the matter was recently held at NKDA. It was presided over by its chairman Debashis Sen, himself a user of EV. New Town is the first area where electric buses were introduced more than three years ago. The West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) has launched 80 E-buses in Kolkata.

NKDA area has 8 Charging Stations (SC) and they need to be mapped onto Google Map at the earliest, it was proposed. Also, adequate signage will be put up at all charging station locations.It was further proposed that New Town, Kolkata would like to create an ecosystem alliance with private mobility players, aggregators, government entities in order to develop a Centre of Excellence for Electric Vehicles. Steps will be taken so that retrofitting existing vehicles and conversion from diesel to electricity could be done. Also, creating electric vehicle club, and designating some areas as "No Emission Zone" were also discussed. The state Power department was also focusing on developing charging infrastructure at 25 km interval across the National Highways. Already some senior bureaucrats and ministers including the Chief Secretary and Home Secretary and the Power minister are using EVs. A three-day EV carnival will be held at the Eco Park on September 24 to 26. Participation will be sought from Mahindra, Ola Cabs, Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, MG, EESL, etc. Also , an Electric Vehicle Rally in December 2021 has been proposed.

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