New Town gets solar-powered Smart Bench with charging ports, Wi-Fi hotspot

KOLKATA: New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has installed a Smart Bench in New Town recently.

People can use the bench as their work station.

The ambiance provides an ideal environment to work and enjoy nature. It has been installed near the Biswa Bangla gate.

There is LED ambiance light, 3 USB charging

ports, 3 wireless charging pads, 4G enabled Wi-Fi hotspot, LED display with sound, temperature and humidity cell and bicycle charging.

Solar power is used to run the facilities. A team of NKDA team will study whether

the smart bench can withstand rain and scorching

heat during summer. If the result is found to be positive, similar benches will be installed in different areas of New Town. NKDA will install smart waste bins in areas, where the waste is not cleared daily. The bins have sensors that give signals when three fourth portion of the bins are filled up.

NKDA is the first agency to introduce garbage segregation system. Every household is given two bins where the wet waste and dry waste

are collected and they are

being collected by the conservancy workers. The bins

that are kept in areas where

garbage is dumped infrequently are not cleaned regularly.

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