New policy of parole for inmates of correctional homes restructured

Kolkata: To bring back convicts to the mainstream of life, the state government has restructured the duration of parole.

The maximum duration for parole is 40 days as per the West Bengal Correctional Services (Release on Parole) Rules 2021. A gazette notification has been issued on Tuesday in this connection. The duration of parole would be 15 days per year for a convict who has been sentenced to "imprisonment for two years or more but not exceeding five years". The convict can apply for first release on parole only on completion of one year of actual imprisonment and it would be counted from the date of admission to correctional home.

The same convict can apply for second release on parole only after six months after returning from first parole. The second parole depends on his behaviour during first parole. The duration of parole in a year for convicts sentenced to imprisonment of five years to 14 years would be 21 days during the first five years of imprisonment and 30 days for the rest of term. Again, the same for convicts with life imprisonment would be 40 days every year. A life convict would be allowed for first parole only after three years of actual imprisonment while it is two years of actual imprisonment for convicts sentenced to five years to 14 years imprisonment. But in no case release of an inmate on parole should be claimed as a matter of right. Inspector General of Correctional Services is the competent authority for granting release on parole for a period not exceeding 40 days. An inmate desiring to avail release on parole has to submit an application to the superintendent of the correctional home.

During parole an inmate has to reside at the place designated and cannot go beyond the specified limits and have to maintain good behaviour besides reporting to his or her local police station.

The inmates also have to give cash security and execute a bond with or without sureties to be on parole.

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