'Monoclonal antibody can be given to high-risk +ve patients'

Kolkata: The State Health department has issued guidelines for the hospitals saying that monoclonal antibodies can be administered in case of high-risk Covid patients.

The senior health officials are, however, skeptical about the efficacy of the monoclonal antibody in case of Omicron patients.

The guidelines said that oral tablet Molnupiravir can be given to the Covid patients. The Centre had earlier given clearance to the drug and now the Bengal government has also directed the health establishments that this drug can be applied.

It can be administered on the Covid patients for 5 days in a row. Two tablets can be given to the patients in a single day.

As per the new guidelines, paracetamol must be started on the patients within 24 hours if anybody complains of fever and mild symptoms.

Vitamin C tablets should also be given to the patients.

If the Covid patients develop respiratory distress while being kept at home isolation, Budesonide 800 spray must be started.

The medicine can be administered twice in a day.

It can be continued for five days. Steroids cannot be applied on the patients who have mild symptoms.

The state health department has already alerted that the patients during the third wave of Covid may complain about severe chest pain.

There may be respiratory distress. Pulse tests must be performed every hour on the patients who are undergoing treatment at safe homes or home isolations.

If the health condition of the patient does not improve even after the application of oxygen, a prone method should be followed.

All asymptomatic patients, patients with mild symptoms with no comorbidity can be treated at home isolation and safe homes. Symptomatic patients with comorbidities should be kept at Covid ward or ICU/HDU depending on their age and symptoms.

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