'Modi has single-handedly pushed this entire nation into its darkest days...'

Kolkata: "Acche din" of Modi government has faced a major setback with India

ranking lower than its neighbouring countries in employment rate.

India's employment rate stands at only 42.2 when the same of Sri Lanka, Philippines and South Korea stands at 94.9, 92.6 and 61.3 respectively. Employment rates of other countries including South Korea, Japan, Israel and Mongolia are also better than that of India.

With the facts related to the country's employment rate getting surfaced, Trinamool Congress hit out at Prime Minister Narendrfa Modi stating that he "single-handedly pushed this entire nation into its

darkest days".

"India ranks lower than its neighboring countries in employment rate! Mr Modi has single-handedly pushed this entire nation into its

darkest days. This is the horrifying reality of Modi's ACCHE DIN!" Trinamool Congress tweeted.

According to a recently released study, India's employment rate is one of the lowest in Asia and it is even below that of Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

It is only Jordan that is below India in terms of employment rate. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly pointed out the Centre's "faulty policies" that led to a steep increase in unemployment rate.

She had also stated that the unemployment rate in Bengal has reduced by around 40 percent when the same in the country has increased


This comes when the Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal has set another

milestone in terms of creating jobs as the state witnessed a

drop of almost 50 per cent

in unemployment in November this year compared to that

of its corresponding period

in 2020.

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