Miraculous save! Ambulance falls in water body, patient unhurt

kolkata: A patient travelling in an ambulance had a miraculous escape when the vehicle fell into a pond at Nawabhat in East Burdwan on Friday morning.

Another car, which was moving behind the ambulance, also fell into the pond. Four passengers of the car were also rescued unhurt by the local people.

According to sources, on Friday around 7:30 am an ambulance carrying a patient was moving towards Bolpur.

At the same time, a Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) was coming from the opposite direction. Near 108 Shivmandir area, while taking a turn the ambulance collided with the LGV. Due to the impact of the collision, the direction of the ambulance changed and it moved towards the pond. The front portion of the vehicle slipped into the water.

The remaining portion of the ambulance was out of the water as it got stuck on the bank.Meanwhile, another car carrying four passengers was moving behind the ambulance. Seeing the collision, the driver applied a sudden brake.

Due to the wet road, the wheels of the car skidded and it fell into the water.

Local people saw the incident and immediately jumped into the water to save the drowning people. While a group of people rescued the patient, a few others rescued the passengers of the car that fell into the water.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital from where they were discharged after necessary treatment. Police detained the drivers of both the LGV and the car.

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